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Go on - pimp your river ride or ocean beast

Learn how to pimp your river ride and turn your sea kayak into a hot rod  

Having a sea kayak is one thing, but having a fully pimped-up, expedition-ready sexy beast of a sea kayak is another thing altogether


by Rohan Klopfer with Susan Wieczkiewicz


Sea kayaking is a soulful experience. Whether you’re in open water with no land in sight or just off a beach ten minutes from your house, it’s the perfect way to unwind and escape from the modern consumerist world.


But there’s no need to be high and mighty about it. Let’s be honest, it’s the one-on-one contact with nature that produces the meditative soulful effect. Paddling is awesome however you do it, but it’s definitely more awesome when your boat is a fully sick, pimped up beast.


There’s almost no end to the gadgetry and bling you can add to it to your boat in order to improve its overall awesomeness. A tool for every occasion. Windy? Great – pull out the sail. Upside down without a paddle? No sweat – just grab half of your easy access split paddle from the deck and with a flick of your hips and a little Pawlata roll, you’ll be sweet in seconds. Then empty out any extra water with your electric bilge pump; check your possie on the GPS attached to your Universal Mobile Device holder and keep on paddling.


In this VIDEO Rohan Klopfer from East Coast Kayaking takes an already very sweet ride, and pimps it to within an inch of its life.


Roh, the Diggity Dave of the kayak world, gets under the bonnet of a lovely Mirage 582 sea kayak to add some additional bling

Roh, the Diggity Dave of the kayak world, gets under the bonnet of a lovely Mirage 582 sea kayak to add some additional bling

Turn your floating freedom machine into the expedition-ready, kick-arse, customised dream boat you’ve always wanted by adding the following:


Sail – In order to harness Mother Nature. (Ensure your front deck is reinforced so your kayak doesn’t get damaged when sailing.)


Spare paddle system – Use one half to roll back up when capsized (if your primary paddle has gone missing in action). Once upright, remove second half, join together, rescue your primary paddle and continue on your journey.


Electric bilge system – For when you need to bail. A bilge pump with a magnetic switch is perfect for marine environments. The battery pack is encased and velcroed to the bulkhead of the day hatch. (Always carry a handpump and a sponge as backup.)


KeelEazy tape – To protect your keel line on beach landings and launches.


Railblaza TelePole 1000 & LED Navilight 360 White – Connected to the back deck by a StarPort, this system will make you super visible murky days and night paddles.


Mobi Universal mobile device holder & GPS – To nail down your position and monitor progress.


Compass – Essential navigational aid when paddling in low visibility, such as fog, or when out of sight of land. (Never rely 100% on your GPS. Electronics can fail, batteries can die.)


Tow points – In case you need to give or receive assistance to a paddling partner.


Cockpit cover – To keep rain, sand and critters out of your cockpit.


Foam seat – Be kind to your behind.


Immersion Research Reggie backrest – Offers amazing lower back support; invaluable on longer paddles.


Bungees and olive cleats – Use these in myriad ways to secure items to the floor of your boat.


Deck glovebox – Ideal for stowing red distress flares and orange smoke signals. And jelly snakes.


Reflective Perimeter line – Increases your visibility at night.


Hand toggles – A secure point of contact to the kayak.


Post a photo of your PIMPED KAYAK on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, using the hashtag #PimpMyBoat, or email us an image at patATadventuretypes.com – best one wins an Immersion Research top! 

sweet ride

sweet ride


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