Dream a little dream – with Ben Marr

Either the Flaming Lips have made a video about kayaking -  or this is what happens when Ben Marr eats too much cheese before bedtime… Check out Ben, as he gets on the water with a couple of furry friends. Top work by Skip Armstrong and the Dagger crew.  

Australian Kayaker Completes Circumnavigation of Sri Lanka

Australian kayaker become the first person ever to circumnavigate Sri Lanka – in the middle of a 50,000-kilometre paddling expedition from Germany to Australia  On 24 April, Australian expedition paddler Sandy Robson became the first person in history to circumnavigate the island of Sri Lanka in a sea kayak. Not content with the rigours of the epic expedition she is currently engaged in – a recreation of Oskar Speck’s spectacular paddle from his home country of Germany to Australia, which…

Circling Sri Lanka by Sea Kayak

Ian Pexton and David Rowlands’ circumnavigation of Sri Lanka by sea kayak begins Regular Paddlemag readers will be aware of Australian adventure kayaker Sandy Robson‘s epic expedition retracing the journey of Oskar Speck, who in the 1930s paddled a folding kayak all the way from Germany to Australia. It’s an extraordinary tale, and Sandy’s recreation of it is a fascinating narrative that just keeps unfolding in front of us. At Paddlemag Towers, we love stories like this – brave people…

Pimp My Boat

  Having a sea kayak is one thing, but having a fully pimped-up, expedition-ready sexy beast of a sea kayak is another thing altogether   by Rohan Klopfer with Susan Wieczkiewicz   Sea kayaking is a soulful experience. Whether you’re in open water with no land in sight or just off a beach ten minutes from your house, it’s the perfect way to unwind and escape from the modern consumerist world.   But there’s no need to be high and…

Rafting World Champs Kicking off in NZ

THE IRF 2013 WORLD RAFTING CHAMPIONSHIPS November 13–24, 2013 This November the World has come to the North Island of New Zealand – well, the elite whitewater rafting world has anyway – to compete in the 2013 International Rafting Federation’s World Championships.   This is the World Cup and the Grand Slam of whitewater rafting all rolled into one, and the crowd-pleasing action will take place in Rotorua and Kawerau, on the Bay of Plenty region’s biggest baddest rivers, the…

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